We know that Tradeit.GM makes it easier than ever to find great deals in your neighborhood. And we love that! (It’s literally why we exist.) But we’re also dedicated to making sure our marketplace isn’t just easy to use, but easy to use safely.

That’s why we offer features like user verification and in-app chat so you can connect with confidence, and why our dedicated Trust and Safety team works with local law enforcement and monitors our marketplace to keep your experience positive. Because making great deals isn’t about money – it’s about integrity. (Well, it’s not just about money. Money is obviously a very important factor in making deals.)

Listing the things you want to sell, rent or trade and finding deals on what you want right in your neighborhood helps you get the most out of your stuff and out of life, and we’re committed to making it fun, easy, and safe for you. So whether you’re looking for tips to buy and sell safely or you’re looking for our community guidelines, we’re here to help!